Why Asiacomnet Broadlink Solutions?

Asiacomnet is a complete Network, IT and Communication solutions provider, with the scalability and flexibility to support progressive business growth. Asiacomnet specialize in providing fully integrated, yet reliable networking, IT and communication system.

At Asiacomnet, we are driven by a single, unwavering principle – making life simpler and easier for you. Asiacomnet delivers superior Network and IT solutions that empower our customers to dramatically improve their organizations’s processes and results.

Whether a company is looking for a complete end-to-end Networking solution or a specific requirement, Asiacomnet can deliver it.

Asiacomnet is committed to providing quality service by maintaining honesty, integrity, objectivity, creativity and total respect for our client's best interests!


  • To be the preferred Network, IT and Communications Engineering Services and Solutions Provider in Asia Pacific.
  • To be the leading developer of technology and innovative methods for the installation, design and integration of telecommunications systems including internet access, VOIP, cellular, microwave, fibre optic, LAN, WAN and satellite systems.


  • To create business value for our clients through Network, IT and Communications Engineering Services and Solutions.
  • To provide an objective, creative partnership that has honesty and integrity as its cornerstone, to support client's requirements in the areas of voice, data, video, network infrastructure and management.

Goals & Objectives

  • Providing comprehensive, high quality and reliable solutions for all types of organizations.
  • Providing the best value & quality networking products to our customers.
  • Leadership in building efficient & reliable business voice & date networks.
  • Having the best customer service and technical support.

Ethics & Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity, Honesty, Transparency
  • Fair-play, professionalism, Hard-work, Teamwork, Timely performance
  • Loyalty, Sense of Belonging, Ownership
  • Continuous Caliber Development
  • Knowledge, Expertise